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Michael integrates a new perspective of cutting-edge, performance-based functional fitness training, merged with Developmental Psychology, Neuro Psychology, and Somatic Body-Centered Psychology for a truly holistic whole body life transforming experience. Our bodily systems, and embodied psyche are designed to function as balanced system, which equates to an optimal state of health. Lifestyle, attitude, and behavior must all be aligned, with physical exercise and a healthy diet, for best integration of the body and mind.

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See why TRX Suspension Training is the preferred choice for low impact strength training. TRX uses straps and your bodyweight to facilitate a total-body workout. Rather than going back to the same old machines and free weights at the gym, suspension training lets you hit every muscle group with a different range of motion, work multiple muscles and joints simultaneously, add variety to revitalize your workouts and avoid those dreaded training plateaus.

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